IBM Power10

Engineered for agility.
Secure from cloud to core.

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Introducing the IBM Power10 Family

  • Environmentally friendly, reduced carbon footprint
  • Increase performance per core over Power 8, 72%
  • Increase performance per core over Power 9, 37%
  • Responds faster to business
  • IBM Power10 processors have been improved with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Open Memory Interface (OMI) offers 2x better memory reliability compared with industry-standard DIMMs for the most critical applications
  • In most cases, the cost of a new system is less than maintenance and support on your current IBM system
  • Includes 3-year hardware warranty at no additional cost

Power10 Family Increases per Core Performance
Over Prior Generations

Modernize with a Frictionless
Hybrid Cloud Experience

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